Privacy Policy

Who we are

The Sofubiki Store is the official web store of Sofubiki
Our website address is:

What data does this store collect about me?

Data collected when browsing the site:

Analytics data such as referrals, page views and time on the site are retrieved via a self hosted Fathom Analytics instance. Please see for their full privacy policy and business model, if required. When a user visits the store via The Sofubiki Store’s Facebook storefront, additional analytics data may be stored through the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin linked to your personal Facebook account and activity on the storefront.

Data collected when shopping on the site:

The Sofubiki Store uses the WooCommerce plugin to enable eCommerce functionality.
The following data is collected by the WooCommerce plugin:

Personal details such as your name, address, email and telephone number – as they’re entered by the user. Upon successful checkout, personal details will be logged along with order count, timestamps and items purchased, curated into a customer profile.

Shipping quotes are delivered via the official Royal Mail WooCommerce plugin and Royal Mail Click & Drop Integrations.

WooCommerce Payments is used alongside WooCommerce to accept payments on the store. When checking out, payment data such as payee name, payment method and the purchase amount will be stored along with the personal data noted above. If checking out with Paypal for WooCommerce the same information will also be shared with Paypal and associated accounts with the service.

When using one of the above payment gateways, data may be shared with the payment provider (VISA, Mastercard etc) to process the payment.

Other plugins that may collect data when checking out:

CartBounty plugin retrieves abandoned carts. When a user inputs any personal details as noted above, whilst including their email, it’ll be saved along with the cart contents, total price and a timestamp.
Please see for their full privacy policy.

Mailgun is our chosen email delivery service. Anytime an automatic transactional email is sent – for example a receipt, shipping notification or stock notification, it must connect to Mailgun. Data stored includes a users IP address and recipient email address.

What does this store do with my data and why?

Analytics data is required to analyze how users are navigating and interacting with the storefront and it’s items – and to detect any errors, problems or broken links that users may encounter when shopping.

Personal data including your name, address, email and telephone number are required to ship an order, fulfill custom / legal documents, or trace orders.

Payment data is required to accept payment for an order, as well as detect customer risk level assessment at checkout for fraud, payment problems etc, or for the requirements of UK law.

How long does this store keep my data?

Data is retained for as long as necessary and deleted when no longer needed through regular cleanups. Some circumstances require us to retain records for longer, for example if a charge is disputed by a customer, for tax audition, or for other legal concerns.

How can I access, update, or delete the collected data?

If you would like a copy of your personal data stored with The Sofubiki Store, or to delete or update your data, please get in touch via